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From its abundance of green, open space and historic buildings to its collaborative business community and excellent connectivity, Sevenoaks district is a place like no other. Its beauty and history are compelling selling points, and should be celebrated, but this is only part of the story. There is so much more to discover for residents, visitors, businesses and investors.

The Sevenoaks district is more than one town – it is a composite of different towns and villages, each with their own unique identities and offer, representing the diversity of a district which offers so much more than other areas.

It is vital that our place brand harvests the spirit of the Sevenoaks district and all it represents.


The district’s heritage runs deep, not only in its famous attractions, but also in its buildings, high streets and history.


Both the Sevenoaks district and its people are ambitious and resourceful. This entrepreneurial spirit is not only its strength but is also an appealing feature for those looking to relocate.


While boasting strong transport connections, the district is also connected by the sense of community among its residents and businesses.


The beauty of the Sevenoaks district is also emerging strongly – it shows that it is home to places and spaces in which you want to spend time in and enjoy.


From its town centres to its cultural scene, the Sevenoaks district is vibrant in its identity and aspirations.

So much more…

Local virtual assistant and entrepreneur, Siobhan Hobson, first moved to the Sevenoaks district six years ago.


Siobhan Hobson

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From its home in Sevenoaks, Rotosound is a company whose products have been making a big noise world-wide for more than 60 years.



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In November 2019, Sevenoaks District Council took the first steps on a journey towards a more sustainable future.


Net Zero 2030

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Situated in Shoreham, award-winning The Mount Vineyard has been producing wine since 2008 in the unique micro-climate of the picturesque Darent Valley.


The Mount Vineyard

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